A pop-up opportunity for King William Street operator

Last updated 08 Dec, 2022

Bringing flavours from Taiwan to Adelaide were among the many reasons Hsin Cheng started a pop-up bao stall to compliment his bricks and mortar café, Astonish Patisserie. 

He said there was a lack of Taiwanese bao options and wanted to bring the traditional dish to the Adelaide market.

Mr Cheng tested some of his bao creations at the King William Street eatery and has since started his Bao Plus pop-up that is operating from OzAsia’s Lucky Dumpling Market at Elder Park.

“I started off with some simple dishes to the menu at Astonish and they turned out well,” Mr Cheng said.

“Taiwanese flavours were not really big in Adelaide so I thought I should just give it a go.”

The Lucky Dumpling Market, on until 6 November, boasts more than 26 food vendors and four bars.

In 2021, there were more than 114,000 visitors to the market, with traders including GANG GANG, Sookii La La, The Filipino Project and Hubba Hubba Hummus all taking part in this year’s event.

“I was just like, let’s give it a go and it was a really good choice,” he said.

“One of the best I have ever made, to be honest.”

Among the most popular dishes he has sold since opening include Korean fried chicken, crispy pork and fried noodles.

“Most people offer traditional flavours like lemongrass chicken or roast pork, but I wanted to do something more creative but stick to those authentic flavours with a modern twist.”

Event co-director Elena Kirschbaum, also behind Adelaide Fringe event Gluttony, said she wanted to serve as many dumplings as possible.

“Lucky Dumpling Market in 2022 will be one of our first events without Covid-19 restrictions since 2020, and we’re thrilled to announce increased capacities and more food and beverage vendors than ever before,” Ms Kirschbaum said.