Your Lunchbreak, sorted at ... LaHore Tea House

Last updated 08 Dec, 2022

In this fortnight's edition of Your Lunchbreak, Sorted, we talk authentic Pakistani food with LaHore Tea House – the Producer in Residence at the Adelaide Central Market. Owner Muhammad Aman Ullah moved to Australia three years ago and opened his pop-up stall with food that is rich in flavour, and even richer in tradition.

When Muhammad Aman Ullah moved from Pakistan to Adelaide three years ago, he quickly noticed a lack of quality food from his homeland.

After applying for almost 100 jobs and failing to secure steady work, Muhammad took a leap of faith and opened his first business – Lahore Tea House – as a pop up at the Adelaide Central Market.

He is currently at the Producer in Residence stall, which gives startup eateries and retailers a chance to test their products or business ideas.

Muhammad says the aim of the shop is to bring authentic Pakistani food to Adelaide, something he claims the city desperately needs.

“We started this business to give it a bit of a try … we offer real authentic Pakistani food,” Muhammad says.

“All our food is homemade, even masala, and everything is made from scratch.

“It is made in olive oil and desi ghee which is all of top quality, which brings a very authentic and real tasting experience.”

Lahore Tea House is selling Pakistani treats at the Adelaide Central Market
Dishes from Lahore Tea House at the Adelaide Central Market

He has operated his stall since mid-July and it will be open until Saturday, however, Muhammad wants to open his own stall at the Adelaide Central Market.

The Lahore Tea House menu focuses on snacks and street food from Pakistan’s capital, Lahore.

All the aromatic food is best enjoyed with tea, he says. 

Lunchtime crowd favourites include Chicken Biryani, Shami Kebab and the Lahori burger that Mohammad says is the first dish of its kind in Adelaide.

Chicken Biryani is a popular Pakistani dish tender bites in a deliciously spiced and fragrant rice, whereas Shami kebabs are tender patties.

Muhammad says being about to bring the Market a taste of the culturally rich city of Lahore, Pakistan.

“These types of foods are something you don’t often find in the city,” Mohammad says.

Muhammad’s mother cooks at the stall, and she learnt most of what she knows from her mother.

“She’s a very good cook,” he says.

“We’re only here until Saturday … it is you last chance to try some of our country’s food.”

Thrive Refugee Association is supporting Lahore Tea House. 

The Producer in Residence stall is in the northwest corner of the Adelaide Central Market, next to O’Connell’s Meats.