SA leading International Student University Commencements

Last updated 08 Dec, 2022

International students are returning to Adelaide in droves after almost two years of closed borders, as the CBD continues to be the epicenter for new arrivals.

Data analysed by the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) showed international student higher education commencements are at 95 per cent of pre-COVID-19 levels — bettering all other major states.

Australian Capital Territory and Victoria had the second highest at (91 per cent), followed by New South Wales (79 per cent) and then Queensland (70 per cent).

StudyAdelaide Chief Executive Jane Johnston said the statistics were promising, and showed Adelaide was a top choice for students to live, work, study and play.

“It's been so promising and rewarding to see that the work we have been doing over the past two years is now being realised in the number of students that are being welcomed back,” Ms Johnston said.

Ms Johnston said events like Student Fest, which received an AEDA grant through its Strategic Partnerships Program, had a direct impact on enticing students to come to Adelaide.

“It was an opportunity for students to experience the Fringe Festival and see what Adelaide has to offer in terms of lifestyle,” Ms Johnston said.

“It was a great success and we had over 600 students … who felt like they were part of a community again, and then they shared that experience with their own networks back home.”

South Australia holds six per cent of the international student market share.

Data showed that South Australia’s largest international student markets were from India (7,007) and China (6,877).