Digital Marketplace


The City of Adelaide has approved $250,000 for the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) to design and implement a Digital Marketplace for businesses within the city of Adelaide. Arcadier has been appointed AEDA's technology partner to create the Digital Marketplace.

Purpose of the Digital Marketplace

The purpose of the online digital marketplace is to provide one place, one website, for consumers to buy directly online from small to medium size businesses from within the city of Adelaide, and to provide more marketing and sales clout to these businesses.

Main Objectives

The primary objectives of the online Digital Marketplace are as follows:

  • An online marketplace that allows for e-Commerce purchases from consumers and provide vendor access to load in products, set prices, discounts, stock levels and control their own ‘vendor store’ within that marketplace.
  • Provide leading marketing solutions and business support for the businesses listed on the marketplace, assisting with a marketing budget to highlight these stores.
  • Drive sales to all the businesses listed using AEDA’s extensive consumer database.
  • Provide world leading digital marketing capabilities to assist small and medium size businesses an option with an omni-channel approach for sales.

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Digital Marketplace FAQs

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