Economic Reports

Explore our comprehensive collection of economic reports presenting key data critically analysed to help investors, business owners, and decisionmakers keep a finger on the economic pulse of the city.

AEDA's in-house data team has access to unique data sources, coupled with information from third parties, to help paint a picture of the city’s economy.

Whether you're exploring new ventures or seeking growth opportunities, discover how the city's diverse economic landscape can drive your success.

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Activity Reports

Our quarterly Activity Reports provide a snapshot of recent economic movements shaping the city using indicators to show data on footfall, public and e-transport mobility, parking trends, and expenditure across various sectors.

Visitor Economy Reports

Aimed at hoteliers, event organisers, and tourism stakeholders looking to understand visitor flows and anticipate future demand, our quarterly and monthly Visitor Economy Reports shed light on the trends and patterns shaping Adelaide's appeal as a destination.

Main Street Occupancy Reports

Gain insights into the city's commercial vitality with our Main Street Occupancy Reports for retailers, property investors, and urban planners. Each report provides an overview of vacancy rates across the city’s bustling main streets—Hindley Street, Hutt Street, O’Connell Street, Rundle Street, Melbourne Street, and Gouger Street—highlighting opportunities for development and investment.