With 42 million yearly visitors to Rundle Mall and nine million to the Adelaide Central Market, these two vibrant shopping destinations are key drivers of the city’s recent retail growth. Rundle Mall, one of the largest and busiest pedestrian malls in Australia, is Adelaide’s central retail hub.

Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall is South Australia’s premier shopping, entertainment and lifestyle destination. Voted the nation’s best retail precinct in 2021, it’s one of the country’s largest outdoor shopping precincts, with over 700 retail outlets it is home to the biggest and best range of brands, including exclusive flagships H&M, Tiffany & Co., Glue Store and Sephora. Located in the heart of Adelaide between the city’s buzzing east end and vibrant west end, Rundle Mall is a bustling hub of activity and excitement year-round.

The rich history of the Precinct, along with its proximity to museums and art galleries, has cemented Rundle Mall as a cultural landmark within South Australia. The length of the Mall features award-winning artworks, including the iconic work The Spheres by Bert Flugelman, affectionately known as the ‘Mall’s Balls’, joined by newer additions Pigeon by Paul Sloan and A Day Out by Marguerite Derricourt. Throughout the year, Rundle Mall plays host to a series of major events, including Tasting Australia and ADL Fashion Week, as well as activations and pop-ups to enthral the 42 million visitors welcomed to the Mall annually.

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Adelaide Central Market

For fresh gourmet food produce there is no equal to the iconic Adelaide Central Market. With over 150 years of heritage, this culinary collective is one of the largest undercover markets in the Southern Hemisphere and offers a truly tantalising and unique ensemble of aromatic stalls, shops and stands. The City of Adelaide’s planned redevelopment of the adjacent Central Market Arcade, with expanded and complementary retail and market activities, will see this historic city landmark further cherished and enhanced.

Market Square development

The Market Square development is a joint initiative of the City of Adelaide and ICD Property. Inspired by the spirit and iconic architecture of the neighbouring Adelaide Central Market, the planned redevelopment of the adjacent site, previously Central Market Arcade, will see the expansion of this historic city landmark you know and love at the ground level. It will double the Market’s footprint between Gouger and Grote St. Just like now, the expanded Market will be all about specialty food and beverage, fresh food, artisan producers, uniquely SA offerings and the best shopping and eating experiences. More of what we already love about the Market!

The development will also feature rooftop terrace garden, childcare centre, hotel, apartments and offices at the upper levels.

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With its exceptional spatial design and operational efficiency, Rundle Mall is one of Australia's top pedestrian shopping malls. Positioned at the heart of Adelaide, Rundle Mall is the city's premier shopping destination, with over 700 retail outlets seamlessly blending local boutiques with international labels, exclusive brands and flagship stores.

Cultural landmarks and year-round events enrich its lively ambiance, creating a vibrant hub for shopping and entertainment.

Adelaide Central Market is a cornerstone of the city's retail, offering a diverse range of fresh gourmet foods and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood, cheeses, bakery, smallgoods and health foods from more than 70 traders. With over 150 years of history, it's a culinary treasure, as one of the largest undercover fresh produce markets in the Southern Hemisphere. It draws visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and unique shopping experience, significantly contributing to the city's retail growth.

The Market Square development marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of the Adelaide Central Market, poised to double its footprint and unveil an array of enticing specialty food, beverage, and artisan offerings.

This transformative expansion is not just about physical space; it's a strategic investment in the thriving heart of the city. This growth will help secure the future of the market district by providing local businesses with increased foot traffic, diverse retail opportunities, and a revitalised space to attract more customers.

Shoppers can look forward to an expanded market space featuring specialty food and beverage options, artisan producers, and uniquely South Australian offerings. The development also promises a rooftop terrace garden, childcare facilities, a hotel, apartments, and offices, adding to the market's appeal.

A new Market Hall will provide volume and natural light supporting events, gatherings, music, food education and demonstrations. As part of the plan, a new north/south pedestrian laneway will weave through the site, seamlessly connecting Grote and Gouger streets. Open 24/7, this pedestrian pathway not only fosters a vibrant laneway culture but also supports public art initiatives.

The Market Square development will provide new retail spaces, increased customer engagement, and the chance for businesses to be part of a modern, multi-use complex that's closely integrated with the historic market, offering a blend of tradition and innovation.