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Discover the advantages of investing in Adelaide


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Interactive Economic Dashboards

The city is always growing and changing. The Dashboards allow you to understand the latest on economy, our population and the property market.


Adelaide offers a competitive advantage with its cost-effective business environment, strategic location, and government support for innovation. It's an ideal setting for businesses looking to capitalise on opportunities in growth sectors.

Adelaide provides comprehensive support to investors through AEDA, including market insights, networking opportunities, and assistance with navigating regulatory requirements, ensuring a smooth investment process.

Key sectors for investment in Adelaide include defence, space, technology, agribusiness, and creative industries, all supported by robust government initiatives and a skilled workforce.

AEDA acts as a catalyst for business investment by offering expert advice, facilitating connections with industry leaders, and providing access to critical market and economic data to inform investment decisions.

Yes, AEDA welcomes foreign investment and offers tailored services to assist international businesses in understanding the local market, ensuring compliance with Australian laws, and establishing successful operations in Adelaide.

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