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Adelaide is a global city with local benefits. Learn about establishing and growing your business in Adelaide, and the many ways in which the City of Adelaide can assist you.

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Absolutely, Adelaide's strong economy, supportive government, and vibrant culture create an ideal environment for startups. Its global recognition for liveability further enhances its appeal for new business ventures.

Setting up a business in Adelaide involves choosing a business structure, registering the business, understanding the legal obligations, and accessing various support services offered by AEDA for a smooth start.

Yes, foreigners can start a small business in Australia, provided they follow the regulatory guidelines, which include obtaining the right visas and meeting the legal and business requirements.

Adelaide generates revenue through a diversified economy, with a shift from manufacturing to services, ICT, and retail sectors, contributing over 80% to South Australia's Gross State Product.

Adelaide's leadership in emerging sectors positions it as an ideal location for entrepreneurs seeking to blend tradition with innovation which is reflective in the city's dynamic economic landscape. The city has established strengths in fields like education, food and beverage, retail, property, creative industries, tourism, space, defence, health and medical technology, machine learning and big data, and renewable energy.