New Regent Arcade traders officially launched, with the help of AEDA

Last updated 27 Feb, 2023

The Regent Arcade will officially welcome three new businesses to its precinct this week as part of a re-Newed push to revitalise the once largely vacant precinct.

Art gallery The Little Machine, Aboriginal-owned personal care and cleaning product brand Nood Australia and inclusive-sizing brand DormiCo Sleepwear are Renew Adelaide’s newest traders to join the Arcade.

They will be officially launched on Friday 24 February 2023.

Renew Adelaide is a not-for-profit organisation that activates vacant spaces in the CBD with unique ventures via their flexible rent-free model, allowing traders to try and test their business idea before formally committing to a commercial lease.

Renew Adelaide Chief Executive Officer Gianna Murphy says the curation of the three businesses would help attract new customers into the Arcade to help shape the precincts’ identity.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented level of interest in Stage 1 of the Regent Arcade activation project from exceptionally high-quality local entrepreneurs,” Ms Murphy said.

“It has given Renew Adelaide the opportunity to be really thoughtful in our curation of the Arcade to ensure the right mix of businesses for maximum and long-term impact”

The Adelaide Economic Development Agency, the City of Adelaide and Government of South Australia are funding partners of Renew Adelaide.

DormiCo Sleepwear

Starting a sleepwear line always crossed April Chamberlayne’s mind when she came across mediocre nightclothes in mainstream clothing and department stores.

She was often left disappointed with the quality and durability of sleepwear offered to women of all sizes, but the thought of opening her own shop was always just a pipedream.

“I always used to say ‘when I start my sleepwear company’ every time I went shopping,” Ms Chamberlayne says.

“In 2019 I experienced a sudden cardiac arrest, not a heart attack, in my house … and only five per cent of people survive this event. Many of those who do survive suffer brain injury and ongoing health issues.

“This was the catalyst to start DormiCo — I no longer said ‘when I start’.”

DormiCo offers natural fibre sleepwear designed for curvy women, with sizes ranging from S to 4XL.

The material is breathable and moisture wicking for a better nights’ sleep, made from linen that “keeps on getting better with each wash and wear”.

“Natural fibre sleepwear for curvy women that is well constructed and made locally here in Australia is difficult to find,” Ms Chamberlayne says.

“Our sleepwear is designed to not only enhance our sleep but also offers flexibility and comfort for both day and night.”

Instagram: @dormicoau

Facebook: @dormicoau

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photo-icon April Chamberlayne

Nood Australia

Anthony Wilson has always enjoyed kicking goals, and not just in the SANFL.

Mr Wilson launched a proud, majority-owned Aboriginal company — Nood Australia — that supplies natural, sustainable cleaning chemicals, personal care and homecare products featuring Australian botanicals.

“For thousands of years Aboriginal people have been using native Australian botanicals, and we wish to tell the stories of the Native Australian botanicals from an Aboriginal perspective,” Mr Wilson, a former SANFL player, says.

“Proudly Aboriginal owned and managed, Nood incorporates ingredients that have featured in our culture for thousands of years and we are excited to share these with the broader community.”

Mr Wilson, a proud Ngarrindjeri and Kaurna man with family ties to the Narungga and Arrente Country, founded Nood with the intention of combining Aboriginal traditional bush ingredients and western ideology.

The brand offers a high-quality product line that incorporates these unique aspects.

The product range starts from $10, with starter packs and bulk purchases available.

“Our target audience are retail consumers that are seeking quality products for their personal and home care needs,” Mr Wilson says.

“Our focus is not on providing high quality Aboriginal themed products — it’s providing high quality products, period.”

Instagram: @noodaustralia

Facebook: @noodaustralia

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photo-icon Anthony Wilson

The Little Machine

Filling a gap in the market for a mid-level space where emerging and established artists could meet and present their work was at the heart of The Little Machine’s new business venture in Regent Arcade.

Eleen Deprez and Michael Newall created a gallery that offers a unique curation of both contemporary and experimental art, offering a new show every month to build the local arts community.

“Adelaide has a thriving art scene, an ecosystem in which both young and emerging, and artists that are established with international reputation can find their place,” Ms Deprez says.

“With the Little Machine we want to provide space for artists across different generations to meet, and for their audiences to reciprocate.”

The duo offers presenting artists a chance to have a public opening of their work in the gallery where the artist can speak with visitors. Parts of the event are livestreamed on social media.

“When we moved here in 2020, we immediately wanted to start our own gallery space,” Ms Deprez says.

“Initial projects ideas involved small viewings in our front room and/or hallway, but it became clear we wanted something bigger and more ambitious.

“After looking at real estate commercial venues for quite a while, Eleen came across the Renew Adelaide scheme which sounded like the perfect fit to launch our gallery-concept.”

Ms Deprez and Mr Newall have experience in organising talks on aesthetics and philosophy of art, with Mr Newall previously part of the now-defunct Experimental foundation while Ms Deprez worked as exhibition designer and curator in Belgium and the UK.

Instagram: @the_little_machine


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