A day out with ... Adele Fiene

Last updated 25 Jan, 2023

Moving from Sydney to Adelaide was a new chapter for ANZ’s Adele Fiene, but one she does not regret opening after years of living in hustle and bustle.

The State General Manager of Business Banking for South Australia and Northern Territory says the lifestyle change has been exciting, heightened by all the small businesses she has found around town.

In fact, her first day on the job was “fantastic” after her assistant showed her great places in the CBD to have coffee and enjoy lunch.

“Every time I go out for a bit of a walk at lunchtime (I find something) to see or go to, and then I’ll think ‘I should go in and try that’,” Ms Fiene says.

“Or when someone brings something that smells wonderful back into the office, it's ‘where did you get that from’?”

ADLocal caught up with Ms Fiene as part of its A day out with... series where top business leaders promote the little guys that make the city tick.

Among the first places Ms Fiene visited when she started her new job on King William Street was eleven bar and restaurant — a French-inspired modern Australian restaurant and open-air bar.

She visited the Waymouth Street venue with her assistant in the early days of her move because they both wanted to see “what the fuss was about”.

“It was a really nice treat for a Friday afternoon lunch, and we got some beautiful local food that was just sensational.

“I think I had lamb that day, as well as some wonderful potatoes that were fantastic — I think we got to the bottom of them very, very quickly.

“We could have stayed there all afternoon and it was jam-packed which was nice, considering how quiet the CBD has been for a little bit of time.”

Ms Fiene can also be found across the road at The Daily Planet eatery, which has a variety of options on its menu.

Among exciting dishes at the Waymouth Street eatery include backed potatoes, burgers, fresh sandwiches, hot dogs, salads and wraps, however, there is one option that really tickles her fancy.

“One of my staff members came up with a little box of goodies and there were these macarons and I had to know where he got them from because they are my absolute favourite,” Ms Fiene says.

“He said that the cakes, food and coffee are fantastic (at The Daily Planet), but the (macarons) you get addicted to.

“I have to say... that probably every week my willpower fails, and I go and get some macarons.

“If I take any to the family, they are gone before I can get another one.”

The Adelaide Central Market, which is open over Christmas, is another favourite for Ms Fiene because she can immerse herself in culture without venturing too far from her office.

Her staff introduced her to the iconic location to show her what she had been missing out on while living in Sydney.

“We just walked up and down the aisles and I had bags of fresh produce with wonderful things to taste and try,” Ms Fiene says.

“I’ve taken my family there to eat on the weekends... because it is somewhere you must go."