Adelaide Festival Centre’s Mary Poppins Draws $20.5M Economic Boost and Record Attendance

Last updated 26 Oct, 2023

Mary Poppins managed to cast its spell on the city, breaking Adelaide Festival Centre’s record attendance since the pandemic. Over an eight-week run, the hit production attracted more than 110,000 theatregoers with nearly 20% of the audience visiting from regional South Australia, interstate, and overseas.

An economic study by Barry Burgan Economic Research Consultants reveals that the production's economic impact was equally spellbinding, generating an estimated total expenditure of $23.4 million to Adelaide’s CBD, with $20.5 million of this being a fresh injection into the economy.

Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director, Douglas Gautier AM, emphasised the significance of a thriving cultural landscape, stating, "Mary Poppins was one of our most successful shows ever at Adelaide Festival Centre and it's wonderful to see the positive impact it's had on the cultural landscape of our city and the state's economy,"

“We are thrilled audiences embraced this magical musical with such enthusiasm and it attracted so many people to Adelaide to enjoy the excitement of live performance,” Gautier added.

The Honourable Andrea Michaels MP, Minister for Arts, echoed this sentiment, highlighting not only the cultural enrichment brought by Mary Poppins but also the extraordinary economic boost it provided. "Its success demonstrates not only the incredible cultural benefits of the arts but also the extraordinary economic return, with thousands of people visiting Adelaide to see the show, boosting our hotels, restaurants, and small businesses."

Greg Ratsch, Acting Managing Director of the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA), expresses his enthusiasm for the musical's impact, noting, "Mary Poppins not only enriched our city by attracting visitors from both near and far, and significantly contributed to the cultural tapestry of Adelaide's events calendar, showcasing the transformative influence of the arts on both our local economy and the visitor economy."

Amidst this backdrop of success, the distinctive costumes from Mary Poppins took centre stage at Rundle Place, capturing the attention of shoppers and passersby. These captivating ensembles, as visually stunning as they were, kindled buzz and anticipation for the musical event.

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Image: @marypoppinsmusicalau