Adelaide among the most-loved destinations in the world

Last updated 31 Jan, 2024

Adelaide is in the top one per cent of the most loved destinations around the world, new Tourism Sentiment Index figures show.

In the 2023 edition of Leading Places: The 100 Most Loved Destinations Around the World, released on 1 February, Adelaide ranked 65 of 21,330 destinations across the globe. 

It was the top performing capital city in Australia, and festivals, events, concerts and dining were among top drawcards.

The Tourism Sentiment Index was compiled using data from 1.6 billion online posts, using artificial intelligence to extract sentiment from human expression.

Being named in the rankings means Adelaide offered positive experiences and instilled the kind of happiness that visitors talk about which, in turn, leads to an impressive Tourism Sentiment Score.

Maldives topped the list, followed by the Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast and Seychelles.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Sentiment Index's TSI Ranking Report for the fourth quarter of 2022 showed Adelaide was most popular for its restaurants and dining, festivals, events and concerts, and beaches.

New data showed the city's restaurants and dining were in the top 20 per cent in the world for the fourth quarter of 2022, while festivals, events and concerts were named the12th best in the world.

Adelaide was also ranked number five for its breweries and pubs, according to the report.

The new figures come as Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) data showed visitor spend in December 2022 was $431m, up 18 per cent on the same time last year.

Total passengers that journeyed to Adelaide in December were at 650,900, up 105 per cent on December 2021 figures.

Internationally, most people visited Adelaide from Europe, the United Kingdom, United States of America and New Zealand.

Domestically, most tourists came from New South Wales/Canberra, Victoria and Queensland.

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