Adelaide's Tourism Sentiment Rises with Dining in Top 10% Globally

Last updated 15 Nov, 2023

The Q3 2023 Tourism Sentiment Index Report reveals a 2% increase in Adelaide's tourism sentiment, positioning the city among the world's leading destinations.

From the exquisite culinary offerings to enchanting venues that attract couples for their big day, and the vibrant array of events, Adelaide’s allure as a dynamic and all-encompassing destination is a magnetic force, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of experiences.

Delve into the numbers and discover more about what's contributing to the city’s appeal below.


Adelaide stands out not only for its impressive overall score but for its exceptional performance across various benchmarks, boasting a remarkable score of 25. Surpassing global benchmarks set at 22.0, national benchmarks at 24.2, and even outshining South Australia's benchmark of 17.2.

Key Contributors

Adelaide's culinary scene takes the spotlight, constituting 35% of its overall performance. Not only do its dining experiences rank among the top 10% globally, but they have also demonstrated impressive growth, increasing by 7% compared to the previous quarter and 2% from the same quarter last year.

The appeal of Adelaide as a wedding destination has significantly increased, representing 16% of the overall score. Wedding popularity surged by an impressive 12% from the last quarter and a remarkable 35% from the same quarter last year, placing Adelaide at the sixth global position behind Sunshine Coast, Kansas City, Aberdeenshire, Perth and Cornwall.

Festivals, events, and concerts continue to be a vibrant component, contributing 12% to Adelaide's tourism success. Despite a slight dip compared to the previous year (-4%), the current quarter witnessed a remarkable upsurge of 35% in sentiment, propelling Adelaide to the 27th rank globally.

Award-Winning Businesses

Recent accolades received by businesses in Adelaide's CBD and North Adelaide at the 2023 Restaurant & Catering Awards, significantly contribute to Adelaide's attraction as a top destination.

These awards recognise numerous venues, cafes, and restaurants for their outstanding performance in the strengthening the city's appeal.

Adelaide's dominance in the Major Festivals and Events category at the South Australian Tourism Awards, where Illuminate Adelaide, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, and WOMADelaide secured wins, further solidifies its position.

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