AEDA's Digital Marketplace Offers a New Revenue Stream for Traders

Last updated 12 Dec, 2022

City trader Rachel Jang's shop is filled with jewellery, but the plants and flowers she has on show cannot be seen from afar. 

Ms Jang, a textile artist who moved from South Korea to Australia in 2007, uses homegrown flora to create wearable pieces of art at Asha Jewelry. 

She is one of the many CBD and North Adelaide businesses who have signed up to be a part of the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA)'s digital marketplace.

Ms Jang says her designs are popular with locals and tourists alike.

“I wanted to make my own piece of Australia, and this was the way to do it,” Ms Jang says.

“I love trying out all the flowers and plants and seeing what I can make.

“It takes at least 48 hours to make because you need to combine two liquids …. then you use resin to make a bit of a capsule to house it in.”

Ms Jang’s creations have been a popular tourist drawcard for years, however, when COVID-19 struck and visitors declined her business took a hit.

While her business has picked up since the reopening of the borders, she has turned to the Adelaide Economic Development Agency’s (AEDA) digital marketplace to secure another stream of revenue.

Ms Jang is creating her own shop on the platform that allows customers to buy from a range of city traders on one website, in just one transaction.

The marketplace offers a wealth of incentives to businesses, including competitive commission rates of only five per cent, versus other well-known digital marketplaces that charge as much as 25 per cent.

It also offers marketing expertise, an existing large customer database, as well as convenient and fast delivery options.

The platform is being delivered by AEDA’s technical partner, Arcadier.

"I can see a new market there,” Ms Jang said.

“I love my job … so this will help me advertise myself.”

The marketplace will offer next day delivery and click and collect options will be available.

Businesses that have signed up for the program will be able to upload their products, set prices, implement discounts, set stock levels and control their own store within the platform.

Visit for more information and to sign up.