AEDA welcomes new industry leaders to Board

Last updated 17 July, 2023

AEDA appoints new Board members

The Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) has appointed three accomplished professionals to its Board. These highly coveted positions attracted more than 100 expressions of interest, reflecting the recognition and value placed by the business community on AEDA's work.

The new additions, Denise von Wald, Matt Poblocki, and Jaimee Charlton, bring a wealth of experience in the areas of retail, tourism, and technology, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the city's economic development.

Meet the new members

Denise von Wald, an esteemed leader in the tourism industry, joins the AEDA Board with impressive career accomplishments. Having served as Tourism Australia's Regional General Manager for the UK and Northern Europe and as the CEO of StudyAdelaide, Denise's expertise in promoting tourism and attracting visitors to the city will undoubtedly be invaluable. With her extensive non-executive director experience and involvement in various organisations such as Festival City Adelaide and the Student Accommodation Association, Denise brings a well-rounded perspective to the Board.

Matt Poblocki, a technology leader, adds a dynamic dimension to the AEDA Board. With his background as a Co-Founder and Partner at Matrix Advisory and his senior roles in globally recognised companies such as Afterpay, eBay, and PayPal, Matt possesses an in-depth understanding of the evolving tech landscape. His knowledge and insights will enable AEDA to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the fast-growing digital landscape to empower entrepreneurs and fuel innovation.

Jaimee Charlton, an accomplished Chief Operating Officer with a focus on the retail sector and a former member of the AEDA Advisory Committee, brings a wealth of experience to the AEDA Board. Responsible for managing over 220 stores and leading a team of 1,000 employees at Spendless Shoes, Jaimee's expertise in brand management, marketing, and customer experience will be instrumental in driving retail sector growth in Adelaide. Her previous role as a Leasing Executive for the Cotton On Group further enhances her perspective on commercial real estate and market dynamics.

These strategic appointments enhance the potential of the AEDA Board and ensures that the retail, tourism, and technology sectors are well-represented in their discussions and enable the Board to make informed decisions that directly impact the growth and prosperity of Adelaide's economy. The city's business community can rest assured that AEDA is equipped with the right leaders to address sector-specific opportunities and challenges effectively.

A word from the Chair of the AEDA Board

Chair of the AEDA Board, Nikki Govan, expressed her gratitude to the outgoing Board members and acknowledged their valuable contributions.

“On behalf of AEDA, I’d like to thank Craig Holden, Tammy Barton and Oliver Brown, who have completed their tenures on the Board, for the valuable contributions they made. Denise, Matt and Jaimee are highly regarded in their respective industries and it’s a real coup for AEDA to have them join our skills-based Board,” she said.

“Retail, tourism and technology are strong growth sectors for the city’s economy, so it’s important that the opportunities and challenges each sector experiences is represented in our Board discussions. We received 112 expressions of interest for these three vacancies which demonstrates the value the business community places in the work that AEDA is delivering.”

With a robust calendar of city events on the horizon, Adelaide's business landscape is poised for further expansion and prosperity. AEDA is well-positioned to seize opportunities and steer Adelaide towards a future marked by economic strength and innovation by leveraging the talents of these industry experts.

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