April 2022's Retail Spend at Four-Year High

Last updated 08 Dec, 2022

Total visitor spend across the city was at a four-year high in April, data analysed by Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) shows. 

April visitor spend statistics showed that total spend in the city was $326.5 million, up from $227.8 million in 2019, according to statistics sourced from Spendmapp by Geografia.

Data showed April’s retail spend was $73.3M, up $10 million on the 2022 monthly average of $61.3 million.

It comes as City of Adelaide Chief Executive Clare Mockler told the AEDA Business Summit there were “signs the city is bouncing back”.

Ms Mockler said the Omicron outbreak in late December through to January had a devastating impact on city businesses.

To support traders, initiatives were put forward to safely attract visitors to the CBD and North Adelaide, taking the City of Adelaide total commitment to city recovery to $20 million.

“We looked at what we could do to draw people to the city and double down on our support for city businesses … and introduced more than 20 measures (to support them),” Ms Mockler said.

“We are working hard to provide compelling and exciting reasons for people to return to the city.”

According to AEDA data, food, dining and hospitality spend has also increased since January 2022, from about $82.9 million to $158.4 million in April 2022.