Consilium Technology not willing to settle for second best

Last updated 28 Nov, 2023

Hollywood has dramatised Artificial Intelligence (AI) from ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ to ‘The Matrix’ but, today, AI is being used to help businesses with predications for complex problems.

Adelaide-based Consilium Technology provides AI solutions for agriculture, defence, mining, energy and advanced manufacturing businesses locally and internationally and is one many organisations unlocking new ways of doing business by being connected to Ten Gigabit Adelaide.

Consilium Technology works with customers to understand their business and identify opportunities for data to be used to improve predictions and make better decisions.

An algorithm is developed and ‘trained’ to detect patterns in substantial sets of data, often at a scale that cannot be managed manually. This allows the businesses to innovate and enhance their decision making which in turn improves operational efficiencies and workflows.

The viticulture industry has seen enormous benefits using AI solutions. Consilium Technology was contracted by Wine Australia to develop machine learning algorithms to scan satellite images of five million hectares of land in Australia and detect vineyards automatically, producing the National Vineyard Scan.

The national scan, which is one of the first of its kind in the world, identifies Australia’s vineyard locations, area, number of vine rows, vine row length and planting densities.

For the first time, Australia’s grape and wine sector know the locations of these plantings which is crucial for emergency biosecurity responses and foundation data about an industry that contributes $45.5 billion each year to the Australian economy. The vineyard boundaries have also been used in an application to support growers in managing their vineyards.

Consilium Technology Ten Gigabit Adelaide 1

Consilium Technology was founded on cloud-based services in 2010. Working with large volumes of data means high speed internet is essential, so a 10Gbps connection with Ten Gigabit Adelaide was an ideal solution.

CEO and founder of Consilium Technology Seth Thuraisingham said the increase in speed from their previous 100MB connection to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network has been an enormous help for the organisation.

“Ten Gigabit Adelaide improves our ability to utilise cloud computing for the development of AI algorithms using very large data sets,” Seth said.

“It has also benefited the business by servicing multiple levels on our building without having to have multiple contracts with a provider.”

As leader in machine learning, modelling and simulation, it would be hard to imagine Consilium Technology would accept anything other than the best tools available and Adelaide’s Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a perfect fit for these expectations.

“Faster is better, we won’t settle for second best with internet speed," Seth said.

"Waiting for anything because of the internet connection is no longer an option."

Consilium Technology Ten Gigabit Adelaide 4

Access to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is one of the benefits of operating in the heart of the city, with Seth saying access to the network supports the Consilium Technology's base in a central location where there are economies of scale.

Learn more about Consilium Technology and how they can help your business here.

The City of Adelaide partnered with TPG Telecom, Official Network Partner to deliver and install the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network. Learn more about the project.

We’re here to help: To make the move to the City of Adelaide and to connect to Australia’s first 10Gbps fibre optic network, you can search the 1,000 buildings connected here and our Business Growth and Investment Team is support your business needs to find the best location.