Kiin’s Flavourful Journey into Adelaide’s Vibrant Dining Scene

Last updated 03 Aug, 2023

The decision of experienced hospitality professionals to not only launch their first collaborative restaurant in Adelaide, but relocate their lives from interstate, speaks volumes about the city's opportunities for growth and success.

With Kiin, Adelaide gains a distinctive culinary gem, offering an unparalleled modern Thai-inspired menu teeming with exceptional wine and cocktails that leave a lasting impression. As Adelaide continues to gain recognition as a food destination, Kiin's presence adds to the city's gastronomic journey and inspires aspiring restaurateurs.

The Owners: A Fusion of Expertise

At the heart of Kiin lies the passion and expertise of two hospitality aficionados - Ben Bertei, the Head Chef, and David Wickwar, the Front-of-House Manager and Sommelier. With a combined industry experience of more than 50 years, their journey brought them together to pursue a business they had been planning for some time.

Kiin Restaurant
Image credit: Jack Fenby

Choosing Adelaide

After considering Melbourne and Brisbane, Ben's desire to move to Adelaide, inspired by starting a family and being closer to a support network, set the wheels in motion. The dream of creating a unique and exciting dining experience aligned perfectly with the opportunities Adelaide offered.

“We want Kiin to become not just somewhere you go to eat, but more of a unique and immersive dining experience that is memorable and keeps you coming back,” said Kiin Co-Owner, David Wickwar.

Nestled on Angas Street at the historical former site of Gurkha's and Ming House, the venue undergone an extensive refurbishment, thanks to creative powerhouses Georgie Shepherd and Sam Weckert, resulting in a fun, refined, and inviting environment boasting various dining spaces, including a chef's bar. 

Kiin Restaurant plated meal
Image credit: Jack Fenby

Adelaide's Unique Characteristics Are Perfect Fit for Kiin

With a growing yet well-established dining scene, Adelaide's vibrant food culture played a pivotal role in attracting Ben and David. The city's access to an incredibly diverse wine and the abundance of high-quality produce and artisans further solidified their choice. On top of that, Adelaide offered a better work-life balance than larger cities.

“We feel even though Kiin is a new business, Ben and I have struck a better work-life balance that we would have if we were in Melbourne or Brisbane”, said David.

For Ben and David, Kiin is only the beginning. They envision it as their flagship restaurant, paving the way for future ventures.

Kiin Restaurant, street view
Image credit: Jack Fenby

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