Meet the Recipients of the 2023/24 Strategic Partnerships Program Empowering Adelaide's Business Ecosystem

Last updated 15 Nov, 2023

In a vibrant display of commitment to fostering innovation and growth in Adelaide, the Adelaide Economic Development Agency proudly announces the successful recipients of its 2023/24 Strategic Partnerships Program. This initiative, designed to support the small business sector, has attracted dynamic organisations eager to make a substantial impact on the city’s economic landscape.

What is the Strategic Partnerships Program?

The Strategic Partnerships Program focuses on supporting start-ups, scale-ups, and business growth within the City of Adelaide. The program envisions a thriving ecosystem by providing financial assistance from a funding pool of $405,000. The selected proposals aim to enhance business growth, leverage innovation assets, improve access to funding and promote innovation and adaptability.

Meet the successful recipients


ThincLab, the University of Adelaide's business incubator, is dedicated to guiding students, alumni, staff, and startups through mentorship from industry experts.

    $155,669 of funding secured from the Strategic Partnerships Program will propel ThincLab to deliver two rounds of the ThincSeed program in 2024. This initiative aims to prepare 16 Adelaide-based businesses for seed funding, providing them with the tools and strategies necessary for sustainable growth and a larger workforce.

    ThincLab's ThincSeed Program

    MTP Connect

        MTPConnect is Australia's Life Sciences Innovation Accelerator, forging connections between research and industry in the medical products sector.

        The program will provide $114,213 in funding for Healthtech Accelerator to empower ten health tech startups and scale-ups in Adelaide, fostering growth and connections within the local health tech ecosystem.

        Dana Bell, Partnerships Director SA at MTPConnect


        _SOUTHSTART is a unique festival experience fostering community among founders, funders, technologists, and creatives.

        With a focus on accelerating the growth of at least 10 founders, _SOUTHSTART will conduct intensive workshops and provide access to experts, introducing participants to investors and coaching opportunities. _SOUTHSTART will receive $135,118 in funding.

        _SOUTHSTART // ODYSSEY Festival

        Anticipating success by December 2024

        By December 2024, ThincLab, MTP Connect, and _SOUTHSTART will have contributed to increased revenue, expanded market reach, and enhanced innovation in Adelaide's bustling business landscape.

        With these partnerships, the city paves the way for a future where innovation thrives, businesses flourish, and the community prospers. Stay tuned as these ventures unfold and Adelaide's economic tapestry is woven with success stories.

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