Passionate Adelaide Central Market Trader Preserves Tradition and Embraces Innovation

Last updated 17 July, 2023

House of Health Collective

Even at 90 years old, Adelaide Central Market trader Stephan Oulianoff can be found at his stall – House of Health Collective – every trading day. He relishes each opportunity to engage with his customers, growers and suppliers, and is often found crushing nuts to make the store-made butters free from oils, salts, sugars and preservatives.

"I am fortunate that I have been able to work every day doing what I am passionate about,” Mr Oulianoff, who celebrated his 90th birthday in June, says.

Mr Oulianoff’s journey in the organic industry began after his sister fell ill due to the harmful effects of pesticides, prompting deep desire to create positive change. He purchased Central Organics in 1982 with late wife Maria and, with unwavering committment and dedication, turned Central Organics into a cherished staple at the Market. 

Over time, Mr Oulianoff handed the reins of his business over to his sons Ivan and Alex who decided a merger with House of Health, then owned by Chester and Robert Frank, was the next “logical” step of business progression. Together, the businesses became the House of Health Collective, embodying the values of sustainability, accessibility and zero waste living.

“I have been fortunate to see generations of traders in the market over my time,” Mr Oulianoff says. “Like I have with my children, I have seen parents and families passing on their craft to the next generation of traders and customers.”

Mr Oulianoff says his business fills him with “immense pride” because the House of Health Collective has fostered a close-knit community among its staff, customers, and business partners.

Adelaide Central Market Arcade Redevelopment

While House of Health Collective has expanded outside the CBD to The Parade in Norwood, his roots remain firmly in the heart of Adelaide’s fresh food precinct, which remains open during the Central Market Arcade redevelopment.

His son Ivan and fellow owners work tirelessly to preserve and enhance what Mr Oulianoff started, ensuring that customers have continued access to high-quality, reasonably priced certified organic produce. 

“I enjoy trying all the new products and ways of doing things. It’s important for that to be shared over time to keep telling that story,” Mr Oulianoff says. “At our store there are new products every week. I see it all come in and the customers like it.”

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