SRA Information Technology’s Multi-Million-Dollar Investment in 42 Adelaide Set to Pave the Way for a Diverse Tech Future in South Australia

Last updated 05 Oct, 2023

Leading national software consulting firm SRA Information Technology has invested millions in 42 Adelaide, Australia's first tuition-free coding school. This strategic partnership between two city-based businesses is set to shape the future of South Australia's tech industry and result in more education and job opportunities.

42 Adelaide is dedicated to breaking down barriers to education and making high-value skills accessible to everyone, regardless of background. The partnership with SRA amplifies this vision, offering students industry-specific skills, mentorship from SRA experts, and hands-on project experience.

Louise Nobes, CEO and founder of 42 Adelaide, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating, "They [SRA] are helping the Australian tech industry greatly by placing critical skills into the job market. We are thrilled at the opportunity this will provide to not only our students and the tech industry but also to the strength of our state in the tech sector nationally. In just 18 months, we've made incredible strides, and with the strategic partnership and support of SRA, the sky is truly the limit for our ground-breaking education model."

Tim Chopping, Chief Executive Officer of SRA, emphasised the importance of this partnership in the context of a highly competitive labour market and increasing digital transformation demands.

He stated, “Last year, we engaged students from 42 Adelaide through a tailor-made cadet program. Fast forward 12 months, and we have successfully hired 20 of these exceptional students, a feat that many would have deemed impossible. But rather than just stop at 20, our long-term strategic investment will secure the strongest pool of future tech talent our state has seen."

The partnership extends beyond traditional educational boundaries. SRA will offer consulting and people skills coaching, software development methodologies, access to technology certifications, and real-world project experience, enriching the students' educational journey. Additionally, SRA's clients will benefit from access to diverse and enriched talent, enhancing their project teams and outcomes, all while giving students an earn-and-learn experience.

The Deputy Premier of South Australia, Susan Close, praised the partnership, recognising it as a commitment to the future of South Australia. She emphasised the promise of a diverse, sustainable, and innovative tech future for the nation through this strategic collaboration.

“SRA's strategic partnership will not only empower students with critical industry-specific skills but also provide mentorship from seasoned professionals and real-world experience.”

Greg Ratsch, Acting Managing Director of the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA), believes this collaboration is a pivotal step towards a brighter, tech-driven future for Adelaide's CBD and South Australia as a whole.

“This partnership is yet another example of Adelaide as a growing location for tech companies and an investment in workforce capability that will underpin future growth in the sector,” he says. “This partnership will result in increased education, job opportunities and the growth of two city-based businesses.”

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