The Gilded Goblin tattoo and art studio's determination to change the perception of ink

Last updated 19 Apr, 2023

Changing the way the public think about ink is at the heart of a new queer, female-run tattoo and art studio that has opened in the Adelaide Arcade.

Adelaide Economic Development Agency strategic partner Renew Adelaide this month launched The Gilded Goblin, an “1800s drawing room/Alice in Wonderland lost in a teashop studio”, that aims to create a safe, non-intimidating space for all its clients.

It is the first tattoo studio to ever open in the Arcade. 

Co-owner Allanah Pankhurst-Trice said the key ethos surrounding this venture is to provide a sanctuary for women and LGBTQIA+ people to receive tattoos in an inclusive, nurturing environment.

She said the space is free of the misguided opinions and micro-aggressions frequently present within the tattoo industry.

“We wanted to provide a safe, inclusive space for clients and artists, free of intimidation, where artists can feel comfortable and clients feel supported and empowered,” Pankhurst-Trice said.

“The industry is still quite male-dominated, and through our experiences, we recognised the dire need for more
female-run artist collectives.”

The Gilded Goblin tattoo chair and background

The Gilded Goblin clients start their tattoo journey at a consultation and workshop where they discuss a proposed design and itinerary.

Resident artist Aneta Szumny and apprentice Taylor Clayton join Pankhurst-Trice and Gilles in the studio.

The team collaboratively specialise in neotraditional, illustrative and pop culture creations and, collectively, have more than 10 years’ experience.

The business aims to have “flash days” where clients can come to the studio and choose from pre-drawn designs, rather than have a pre-booked appointment.

“We want our community to be able to receive tattoos in an inclusive, nurturing environment; our studio is dedicated to empowering clients and ensuring their comfort throughout the tattooing process, from initial consultations to final result.”

General space of The Gilded Goblin in Adelaide Arcade

Renew Adelaide Chief Executive Officer Gianna Murphy said the Arcade offered a unique space for the studio to open.

Renew Adelaide is a non-for-profit organisation that provides start-up ventures and entrepreneurs an opportunity to test and trial their concepts under a rent-free model.

Tenants do not commit to a long-term lease, while property owners can showcase their space’s potential to the market.

“This is a venture that had all of the pieces of the puzzle ready to go, they simply needed to connect with an open-minded property owner who would recognise their potential, and we are very grateful to have found that in Adelaide Arcade,” said Murphy.

Adelaide Arcade General Manager Andrew Jonats said there was no hesitation in opening the unique studio.

“We love that it’s female-led, and it showcases a very modern type of artistry, which the Arcade has promoted for more than a century,” Jonats said.

“We know other business owners are supportive too and that’s what this arcade is about as a diverse destination shopping precinct.”