Valentine's Day Transforms City Spending as Lovebirds Splurge

Last updated 14 Feb, 2024

This Valentine's Day, Adelaide's CBD is poised to bask in romance, with hotel bookings at 79% (as of 12 February 2024), up from last year. This early surge hints at yet another year of vibrant activity and economic uplift for the city's night time economy. 

The allure of Valentine's Day extends beyond the dinner table to city hotels, which see a surge in bookings.

Last year, the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) observed a significant surge in night time dining and hotel bookings, showcasing the importance of this day for both couples and the local economy. Valentine's Day saw more rooms reserved than any other day in that week, making it the busiest day for the hospitality industry.

A breakdown of night time expenditure in 2023

Night time spending hit $2.2 million, nearly doubling the average Tuesday night's $1.2 million in 2023. This contributed to a total night-time expenditure of $3.66 million, up 56% from a typical Tuesday, positioning Adelaide as an idyllic spot for those celebrating love.

Total Expenditure during Night Time (6 pm - 6 am)

Dining Expenditure during Night Time (6 pm - 6am)

Valentines Day 2023 (Tuesday)



Average Tuesday (2023)






It's clear that couples are eager to celebrate their love with a special night in the city, whether it's dining or enjoying a luxurious staycation.

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