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A global city with local benefits, Adelaide in 2021 was considered the third most livable city in the world and one of the ICF top seven smart cities. Adelaide is capitalising on future industries and technologies with the establishment of Lot Fourteen and BioMed City. Adelaide also has a strong culture of innovation and collaboration across the business community and we are here to support your organisation.

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Adelaide promises diverse investment opportunities across thriving sectors like technology, health and medical science, defence and aerospace, creative industries, and property. With a stable economy, supportive business environment, and a commitment to innovation, the city offers a lucrative landscape for investors seeking profitable returns.

World-class healthcare, rich cultural experiences, and robust education and infrastructure systems further enhance Adelaide's appeal for investments.

Adelaide's economy is diverse, with the Financial and Insurance Services leading at 18.4%, followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Services at 13.6%, and Public Administration and Safety at 11.1% of the city's output. Contact AEDA's Business and Investment Team for more information on Adelaide's GRP and other key measures.

Adelaide boasts a rich tapestry of festivals, sporting events, exquisite food and wine, and picturesque natural landscapes. It's also a hub for defence, manufacturing, and an innovator in the space sector, housing the Australian Space Agency.

Adelaide's advantageous business environment for investors is reinforced by supportive government policies, strategic Asia-Pacific positioning, and thriving industries like defence, space, and technology. It is an ideal location for business expansion and innovation, with the city's proximity to decision-makers further enhancing its appeal for investors.

Adelaide is home to a thriving community of 11,787 small businesses, with 87% located within the city, reflecting a robust entrepreneurial spirit and a supportive ecosystem for small business growth.