A day out with... Hitaf Rasheed

Last updated 25 Jan, 2023

Events South Australia Executive Director Hitaf Rasheed feels like a tourist in her own city when she visits the small businesses across town.

From cafes with a 1970s vibe, to the small bars where she can watch the world go by, Ms Rasheed says city businesses are among the best places for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

“It is great to be in the heartbeat of Adelaide and have so much choice — whether it be food, drink or just somewhere just to do your meetings,” Ms Rasheed says.

“We are a city built on small businesses and if we want to stay that way, we need to support them because, in the end, we are the ones that get the benefit.”

ADLocal caught up with Ms Rasheed as part of its A day out with series where business leaders highlight the little guys that are the lifeblood of the city.

My Kingdom for a Horse, on Wright Street, is renowned for its seasonal, all-day a la carte menu that uses locally sourced and ethically produced ingredients, as well as its on-site roastery.

Patrons can buy bags of coffee from the café, which recently opened a second location on Waymouth Street, or sign up for a monthly subscription where beans can be delivered to homes or workplaces.

“My Kingdom for a Horse has a 70s theme, and I am a 70s baby,” Ms Rasheed says.

“It makes me feel happy coming here, I have been coming here for years, whether it be for a breakfast meeting or for a special occasion.

“The people are really friendly, the food is fantastic and the staff roast their own coffee beans here … which is a bit of a charm for me because I have cousins that are roasters in Lebanon (sic).

“(It) also (does) eggs your own way and I just love brunch, so I will always have some poached eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes.”

The Collins Bar, at the Hilton Hotel, is a favourite for Ms Rasheed to unwind, especially when Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga becomes the home of the Santos Tour Down Under in January.

The Santos Tour Down Under, which returns to the CBD from 13-22 January 2023, will boast a bevy of free family activities, live music, street parties, participation rides, as well as South Australian food, wine and produce.

The Tour Down Under Village, at the Square, will be the largest ever and will feature traders such as Comida, Fine and Fettle and Fiesta Tajine.

“In January, there is no better place to be than The Collins Bar,” Ms Rasheed says.

“You can have a beautiful glass of cold Riesling, probably Clare Valley Riesling, with some ice in it and overlook the Tour Village.

“Where else would you rather be in the world?”

Shōbōsho, on Leigh Street, blends smoke, steam and fire with the ancient traditions of Japanese yakitori.

It has a specially commissioned cooking line with a wood oven, hydraulic grill, rotisserie, and customised yakitori pit — the element of fire speaks through simply seasoned, seared meats and vegetables.

“It is a cool part of town, and the food is to die for,” Ms Rasheed says.

“It is a great place to take visitors when they come to town … it is always a great experience.”

Ms Rasheed encourages locals and tourists alike to explore Adelaide and be a part of a vibrant, thriving city.

“If we can support local businesses … and have a fun experience while we are at it, I think we all win.”

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