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Community Collaboration: Scarlett Media's Tribute to The Piccadilly's Restoration

Last updated 18 Jan, 2024

In the heart of North Adelaide, a $2 million restoration project has breathed new life into the iconic Piccadilly Cinema established in 1940, and Scarlett Media captured the essence of this remarkable journey in their film "The Piccadilly - Restoring Her Former Glory".

The film highlights the physical restoration of the cinema but also delves into the sentimental value it holds for the Adelaide community. Through interviews and reminiscences, audiences are transported back in time to relive cherished moments spent in the theatre.

The accessibility of video-on-demand increased in popularity over the years leaving traditional cinemas to face the challenge of dwindling attendances. However, the Wallis Family (of the Wallis Cinemas chain), Premier Building Solutions, skilled tradespeople, loyal theatre patrons, dedicated staff, filmmakers, and performers joined forces to defy the odds in a community-driven revival. Their mission: to revive The Piccadilly and reintroduce the magic of watching films on the big screen.

Producer Peta Shannon and Director Matthew Shannon of Scarlett Media are the creative force behind this film, which reflects on the significance of local businesses and talent in the restoration process. In their own words, "The Piccadilly project allowed us to showcase the collaborative spirit of the city's businesses and talents. It's a testament to the love the Wallis family and the local community share in the rich history embodied in this cultural gem and the importance of keeping cinema, and our memories of going to the movies, alive.”

As The Piccadilly approaches its 84th year since its initial establishment and marks the one-year anniversary of its grand reopening in December 2023, the film stands as a tribute to the dedication and passion that fuelled this restoration endeavour. It is currently entering the festival circuit and the release date is set to be announced later this year.

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