Good food, good drink and good fortune at the Adelaide Central Market

Last updated 27 Feb, 2023

Get a glimpse into your future with the launch of a large, interactive fortune cookie at the Adelaide Central Market.

The Cookie, part of Adelaide’s CreaTech City Challenge that brings together creative skills and emerging technologies, uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to ‘predict’ the future using an AI-based text generator.

The digital artwork, presented by award-winning design studio Sandpit, creates 'fortunes’ in response to the questions users ask via a simple web application.

When activated the free art installation displays a digital fortune that unfurls from a giant fortune cookie along a curved, paper-shaped LED screen.

Sandpit Co-founder Sam Haren says pushing the boundaries and engaging audiences using up-and-coming technologies is at the heart of the installation.

“We are thrilled to have been selected for Adelaide’s CreaTech City Challenge, and to be part of such a progressive initiative that invests in technology-based artworks,” Mr Haren says.

“With The Cookie we have developed a fun and interactive way for people of all ages to engage with Artificial Intelligence and the very topical GPT-3 text generator.”

GPT-3 draws on a vast set of data and uses AI to mimic human writing or speech in a spectacularly convincing way.

Sandpit have been training GPT-3 to predict the future and generate a fortune for anyone that asks it a question, it is sometimes wise and often funny.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Dr Jane Lomax-Smith says The Cookie will bring a new “food experience” to the Adelaide Central Market.

“It’s fabulous we can host this interactive artwork in this spot, which is sure to attract lots of curious people interested in interacting with the cutting-edge AI technology,” the Lord Mayor said.

“We’re proud to partner with the State Government to support the CreaTech City Challenge, which provides an amazing opportunity for new and experimental creative technology to be easily accessed and experienced by visitors to the city.”

Minister for Arts Andrea Michaels said: “The AI powered cookie is a great example of the kind of interactive and engaging artistic experiences that can result from bringing together technology and creativity."

Createch City Challenge is a joint initiative funded by the Government of South Australia, City of Adelaide and Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA).

It has brought together collaborative projects to combine creativity and technology to engage audiences, support business growth and encourage investment in the Adelaide realm.

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