RAA's Expansion Inspires Strategic Move to Adelaide CBD

Last updated 03 Aug, 2023

With a focus on meeting the future needs of expanding its core business, RAA, South Australia's largest membership organisation, is set to accommodate its growing team by expanding its office footprint into one of Adelaide's most iconic buildings in the CBD, the Westpac House building, which will now be known as RAA Place.

This comes as RAA looks to expand its travel and home products and broaden its offerings to include areas such as electric vehicles and solar and energy, further enhancing its role as a trusted and innovative brand.

Strengthening Adelaide's Business Landscape

This strategic relocation not only marks organisational growth, but its decision to establish a presence in the city is a testament to Adelaide's growing appeal as a hub for businesses and organisations. This move enhances the city's reputation as an attractive destination for large enterprises and investors, further strengthening its business landscape.

The move also aligns with RAA's sustainable practices, as the organisation has adopted green power, signed up to the EV Fleet Pledge, and become a signatory to the City of Adelaide's Carbon Neutral Adelaide program.

RAA aims to build stronger relationships with other city-based stakeholders. This strategic positioning will enable RAA to actively advocate for its members and collaborate with like-minded businesses and organisations, fostering a more interconnected business community.

RAA’s General Manager of Community and Corporate Affairs

Learn more about the RAA and its future move to the heart of the Adelaide CBD from its General Manager of Community and Corporate Affairs, Emily Perry in the video below. 

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