P!NK Paints City in Shades of Economic Success

Last updated 28 Feb, 2024

Adelaide buzzed when international pop sensation P!NK hit the stage at Adelaide Oval on 27 February for a one-night-only concert.

Data from the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) shows the concert injected a considerable financial uplift into the city, mirroring the economic success of Ed Sheeran's Adelaide Oval concert on 7 March 2023. That event alone generated a staggering $7 million in spending (5 times the average Tuesday night), making it the fourth busiest day of the year.

This highlights the impact major events have on the city’s economy, boosting Night Time activity and spending levels significantly.

Hotels reap benefits

The hospitality sector, particularly hotels, felt the positive effects of the concert, with forward bookings for city hotel rooms hitting a remarkable 92% occupancy in the week leading up to the concert. This momentum continued to build, and by the day of the concert, occupancy rates had further climbed to a remarkable 98%. This surge in bookings highlights the effects of live entertainment in boosting tourism and providing substantial revenue to the accommodation sector.

A boon for city businesses

Ahead of the concert, AEDA's General Manager, Greg Ratsch, emphasised the broader economic benefits, stating, “Taylor might have done swiftie on Adelaide but P!NK’s concert is set to be a boon for the city and bring in millions of dollars for our hospitality, retail and accommodation businesses.”

He further elaborated on the expected increase in foot traffic, spending, and overall activity, particularly beneficial for a mid-week day, which is traditionally quieter.

We expect the Tuesday of P!NK’s concert to be one of the busiest overall days for the city this year.

Ratsch highlighted the pattern of concertgoers engaging in shopping, dining, and staying overnight, noting, “Concertgoers come into the city, they might do some shopping beforehand, have a pre-show meal or post-show drink, and many will stay the night in a hotel.”

He concluded, “City businesses are some of the biggest beneficiaries of major events like concerts, festivals and sport. These events are vital to supporting a vibrant and liveable city and they help promote Adelaide as a tourism destination.”

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